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Colorado Crossroads 15-Open Champions

On April 30th, we began play at the Northern Lights JNQ. My Colorado Juniors club team had a disappointing start. As a team we had not competed together in 5-weeks, and it really showed. We had all been juggling high school and club practice at the same time. After the first day, we did not advance to the gold bracket. It was very disappointing, but we focused on getting better as a team because Crossroads was the next weekend. We ended up with a 5-4 record finishing in 19th place.

The following weekend (May 8th), we played in the Colorado Crossroads JNQ 15-Open Division. We went undefeated with an 8-0 record, only losing 1 set the entire weekend. We played really good as a team and qualified for Nationals in Las Vegas. I was an integral part of the success this weekend by serving tough, setting when I was in the back row, and hitting and passing while in the front row.

Day 1

DCVA 15N (22-25, 25-17, 26-24)

AZ Storm Elite 15 Thunder (25-22, 25-15, 25-13)

Day 2

Synergy Force 15 Addie (25-13, 25-18)

Shockwave Adidas 15 Sean (25-15, 25-19)

Day 3

Arete Rev 15 Premier 15 Navy (25-20, 25-10)

OT 15 T Randy (31-29, 25-10)

Alamo 15 Premier (25-23, 25-22)

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