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Volleyball Goal

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

I started playing club volleyball when I was 8 years old. I had the opportunity to play on the same 12U volleyball team as my sister. My sister was 11 at the time. We started playing together with Vegas Aces Volleyball. Our team was very unique because it was made up of 4 sets of sisters, 2 sets of twins, and our libero. Instantly, we had great chemistry. Playing on this team really made me love volleyball. We were very lucky because we had great coaches. Coach Ruben was very hard on us but this helped us become better volleyball players and made us tough. Even though I was only 8 years old, he did not treat me any different and always held me accountable on the court. My mom and dad also helped coach the team. We drove to California to play in the SCVA power league. Our first season we finished 2nd overall in Southern California, won silver medals in the SCVA JNQ and FarWestern JNQ in the National Division, and earned a bid to Junior Nationals in New Orleans.

Ever since then, my goal is to play Division I volleyball. I want to following in my family's footprints. My dad was a pin hitter for Ball State, my mom was a middle blocker for Texas, and my sister plays for Penn State. We moved to Colorado the summer of 2019 after Junior Nationals. I started playing volleyball for Colorado Juniors 14-1 team. We were really starting to click and I was really excited about the season and our potential. Then, COVID. Everything shut down after Colorado Crossroads and we were not able to finish the season. This meant college coaches would not have the opportunity to see my team play. I am not sure when college coaches will be able to go to tournaments again, therefore I decided to take recruiting into my own hands. With my parent's help, they let me make this webpage. This webpage gives me one place that I can share my volleyball skills with college coaches so that they can see my progress over time by viewing my highlights. High school season is scheduled to start in March, while club continues. I am excited to play high school volleyball with my sister at Rampart High School. I have big goals for both high school and club this season. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to play. As long as we can play, I will have highlights to share. I have been and will continue working hard so that I can meet my goal of playing Division 1 volleyball. It will be exciting to see where I end up.

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